About this website

This website has been created to share over 100 years of our family photos in the hope people will find a connection with the people and places of the past. The years range from about the 1880s to 1980s with a few earlier or later photos. They are all original photos that I've inherited and scanned. Over time I'll scan and upload more.

To see a photo at full resolution please first click on the photo then click once again to view.

Maiden names or first names only have been used in a lot of the photos of people in the more recent photos to protect privacy. In the case of our family, I've been researching the family history for about 19 years so know where most fit in the family tree. There's some basic information on my website here though most of my research is offline. Please send me an email if you'd like more information. 

Many of the people in the photos are friends of the family from long ago so I have very little information there unfortunately. 

Please feel free to use these photos online or offline for history related articles or research but please do not change the details attached to the photos. A lot of these original photos have been carefully labelled with dates, places and names and it's important to maintain historical accuracy.

If there are any errors or additions to the information attached to the photos please email me so I can update the information.

These photos must NOT be used commercially or by businesses without permission. If in doubt please email using the link in the footer of this page.