Ernest Valentine Winduss

Family of Albert and Alberta Winduss about 1913


left to right: Ernest Valentine Winduss, Alberta Frances Winduss (nee Johnson/Jansen) with baby, George Albert Winduss, Frances Eleanor Winduss, Albert Gleadow Winduss, Ida Winifed Winduss, Elsie Cordelia Winduss

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The family of Charles and Cordelia Winduss


Photo 1:
Back row - left to right: Elsie Muriel Campbell (nee Winduss), Alice Cordelia Burns (nee Winduss), Albert Gleadow Winduss, Edith Florence Dihm (nee Winduss) and Louisa Caroline Chapman (nee Winduss)
Front row - left to right: George Charles Winduss, Cordelia Winduss (nee Tevelein), Charles Samuel Winduss, Prudence Mary Zosky (nee Winduss)

Photo 2:

back row: l-r: Ada Burns (1892-1949), Richard Gibson Burns (1869-1948), Albert Gleadow Winduss (1877-1963), Alberta Frances Winduss nee Johnson (Jansen) (1879-1935) with baby, George Albert Winduss (1912-1978), George Charles Winduss (1867-1935)

2nd row: l - r: Harold Zosky (1865-1943), Mr Payne, Grace Zosky (1898-1992), Alice Cordelia Winduss (1869-1955), Prudence Mary Winduss (1865-1960), Edith Mary Zosky (1891-1987), Mrs Phillips (Harold Zosky's sister), daughter of Mrs Phillips, Mary Saunders (1872-1944), Edie Winduss (probably Emily Edith Winduss (1910-1997)

3rd row: l - r: Leo Horace Winduss (1900-1978), Arthur Zosky (1899-1967), Charles Samuel Winduss (1844-1921), Cordelia Winduss (nee Tevelein) (1843-1939), Charles Harold Dihm (1898-1989)

front row: l-r: Amie Beckett Zosky (1906 -1989), Alice Mary Winduss (1907-1967), Ethel Louisa Cordelia Winduss (1903-1984), Frances Eleanor Winduss (1904-1988), Ida Winifred Winduss (1910-1998), Elsie Cordelia Winduss (1908-1994), Herbert William Winduss (1909-1969), Ernest Valentine Winduss (1906-1923)

Photo 3:

From notes but to be confirmed:
back row:
Grace and Wally Grant (most likely friends and not relatives)
5th from right: Albert Gleadow Winduss 
4th from right: Alice Cordelia Winduss
3rd from right: Richard Gibsons Burns
2nd from right: Ada Lavinia Burns
Seated in middle row: Charles Samuel Winduss and Cordelia Winduss (nee Tevelein)
Seated at front: directly in front of Charles and Cordelia are Elsie Cordelia Winduss and her brother Ernest Valentine Winduss (with dog)

This photo was probably taken about 1917.

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